The AIRDOS series detectors by Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o (UST) are advanced airborne radiation detectors designed for measuring radiation in aerial environments, suited for civil aviation dosimetry and secondary cosmic ray research. These detectors offer precise monitoring of radiation situation and exposure, with various models tailored for different aircraft needs.

An Aircraft in flight

In civil aviation, measuring cosmic radiation is a main use of AIRDOS detectors. Cosmic radiation, more intense at high altitudes, poses a risk to the health of flight crews and passengers. The AIRDOS series helps in monitoring and managing this exposure, ensuring safety and health during flights.

The measurement of radiation dose acquired during flights by aircraft crews is a requirement mandated by legislation in some countries. The AIRDOS detectors from UST are equipped to provide this essential measurement, ensuring compliance with these regulatory needs.

For those interested in acquiring AIRDOS detectors, you are encouraged to reach out for a detailed offer. Contact UST via email at to learn more about the availability and purchasing options of these advanced radiation detectors.

AIRDOS04: The Latest Innovation in Radiation Detector Series

AIRDOS04 is the cutting-edge model in our AIRDOS series, specifically designed for measuring radiation on aircraft. This detector incorporates advanced technology to ensure accurate readings in the unique environmental conditions found aboard airplanes. It represents a significant step forward in our efforts to provide comprehensive radiation monitoring solutions in aviation.

More information about AIRDOS04 you cat check here.

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