SPACEDOS01 Cosmic-ray spectrometer and dosimeter for unmanned spacecraft missions

SPACEDOS01 is an ionizing radiation energy spectrometer based on a semiconductor detector using a PIN diode. The detector is optimized for mounting and long-term use on the board of CubeSat, meaning that its power consumption is minimized and it is constructed to withstand conditions in space.

Bottom view on SPACEDOS01B

SPACEDOS01 exists in two hardware variants:

  • SPACEDOS01A - Engineering model compatible with MLAB kit system
  • SPACEDOS01B - Space qualified and shape adjusted for the use in CubeSat satellites.

SPACEDOS’s primary applications are radiation alarm devices for satellite FCS and scientific research instruments for cosmic ray detection. SPACEDOS01 should be integrated into the satellite flight control system to report radiation situations or take effective countermeasures against radiation events.

In the case of manned missions, we suggest using SPACEDOS02 or SPACEDOS03.

If you need a modified design (or HiRel radiation ALARM device for satellite protection) for integration into your unmanned satellites, please contact us.

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