xDOS log viewer


log_viewer is a part of the dosview application, designed for viewing and analyzing log data from dosimeters. This tool enables users to display crucial log file information, including the time evolution of intensity and the energy spectrum. Metadata associated with the logs are also displayed, enhancing the understanding and utility of the data.


  • Graphical Display: Visualizes time evolution of radiation intensity and the energy spectrum in graphical formats.
  • Metadata Display: Shows associated metadata with each log entry, providing context and additional details about the data.


dosview can be operated both via the command line and through its graphical user interface (GUI).

Command Line: To run dosview from the command line, you can directly pass the log file name as an argument:

dosview [file_name]

This command will open the specified log file directly in the dosview application.

Graphical Interface: Alternatively, dosview can be started without specifying a file by command:


Or by system application list. Once opened, navigate through the menu by selecting File -> Open, then choose the log file you wish to view. The log will then be opened as a new tab within the graphical interface of dosview.

From file explorer You can also open a log in dosview directly from the file explorer by clicking on the log file.

If you do not yet have a .dos file associated with dosviewer, you must set in your OS to open .dos files in dosviewer.


Here’s a simple example of how to run dosview:

dosview example_logfile.log

This command will open the specified log file and display the intensity and energy spectrum graphs.