AIRDOS03 - UAV compatible dosimeter and spectrometer

AIRDOS03, also called “UAVDOS”, is a semiconductor detector developed in cooperation with ThunderFly company as a measuring device for TF-ATMON system. The detector is designed to be lightweight and capable of connecting to the drone’s avionics. It meets the requirements for TF-ATMON’s sensors and therefore can share a power supply, data storage, or telemetry link with common drone avionics. This eliminates excess weight that would otherwise have to be carried with the detector and that will decrease the flight range and lower drone parameters. The particle detector is at the same time compatible with Pixhawk standard for connecting devices to drones. “UAVDOS” is thus compatible with a large number of existing drones.

The TF-ATMON system in combination with the sensor makes it possible to search for places with increased intensity of radiation and optimally use flight time to obtain high-quality data.